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Your home is one of your biggest investments. It is only natural that you want your home to look its absolute best. The color of your home is, of course, very important. It is your way to make a statement, to show your personality and your aesthetic. Paint is often used to distinguish rooms from each other. A more playful color for the children, a neutral color for the office, or something bright and airy for the living room. This is what makes painting so fun and why so many people think painting their house is the most exciting part of building one. 

There is, however, a misconception that home painting or wall painting is something everyone should be able to do on their own. Especially if it is just interior wall painting. People often think that hiring professional exterior house painters is a waste of money. This, of course, could not be farther away from the truth. 

Our professional house painters are equipped with the best tools and techniques to paint your walls with precision and perfection that just is not possible in a do-it-yourself project. It is just not about painting even — although painting evenly is very much crucial. Professional home painters’ tools and techniques range from preparing your walls for painting, choosing the right paint for every type of wall, painting with clean lines, achieving the best finish possible, and making sure the paint will last for a very long time. 

This is precisely what we do here at Suncoast House Painters. Home painting is more than just coloring your walls, it is about achieving the best color throw and the best finish possible with your walls. Our home painters are trained to do this and years of experience in the field allow them to give your home the best paint job possible. Of course, the same goes for business or commercial establishments that need exterior painting or interior painting. Suncoast House Painters also do office painting, industrial painting, or commercial painting at low, affordable rates. It might also surprise you how hiring professional house painters like the ones here at 

Suncoast House Painters can even save you money. Our services are not only affordable, our partnership with paint manufacturers allows us to procure tubs of paint at a very special price that you might not be able to get in a store. It might seem counterintuitive to hire professional house painters or painting contractors to save money, but it is actually one of those instances where you get to save actual money if you do.

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There are a lot of misconceptions about home painting and interior home painting that often lead homeowners, even business owners, to think that it does not actually need to be professionally done. Naturally, building or buying a home is already very expensive and homeowners try to save up on certain parts of the process. However, without a proper wall preparation and with little to no knowledge about the different types of paints available in the market, you risk spending way more money when you choose to do it yourself. 

Here at Suncoast House Painters, our company’s ethos is to give the highest quality of service at a reasonable price. This means that not only can our painting contractors achieve the best color and finish possible for your wall, but we can also ensure the durability and longevity of the wall painting. This also means that you would not have to repaint as often as you would if you have done the interior wall painting yourself. While buying a can of paint at a nearby hardware seems like the smartest and cheapest way to do it, hiring professional painting contractors like the ones we have here at Suncoast House Painters will save you a lot more money in the long run. 

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is one of the many reasons why homeowners usually hire professional or expert exterior home painters. Most homeowners think they can save money by painting the insides of their homes themselves and hiring exterior home painters to do the exterior of their homes. It is true that exterior painting is much trickier than interior painting and one you should probably hire a local painter for. This is where our exterior painters at Suncoast House Painters come in. We have a team of exterior house painters that are especially and specifically trained to deal with houses’ or establishments’ exterior. 

Exterior home painting is more than just choosing the right color. It is about identifying the right kind of paint to avoid water damage, immediate paint flaking, cracking, rusting, even mold damage. The last thing you want is for the exterior paint to fade right away as constant repainting will actually cost you a lot more money in the long run. This is why it is very important you hire a painting contractor or a local painter company like Suncoast House Painters with painters that are trained to do an exterior home painting.

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Commercial Painting

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Again, the same goes for offices and commercial establishments. No matter how big or small your business is, a high-quality paint job will save you more money in the long run. Commercial establishment usually requires more effort and expertise as they tend to be larger and require more attention to details to give the best impression possible for your clients or customers. The last thing you want is chipped, fading, or stained wall painting. The color and the quality of your walls makes a huge impression for your clients so be sure to invest in the quality of the paint and to hire painting contractors that accommodate office or commercial painting

Another thing to consider when choosing the right painting contractor for your establishment is the time frame. Here at Suncoast House Painters, we understand that commercial painting demands a different rigor compared to residential painting. This is because business owners are usually in a tight schedule or time frame, they may already be paying their rent, or their mortgage and they want to make the best out of their paid location. Time for businesses is very crucial as prolonging the painting process can already entail losses. This is why here at Suncoast House Painters, we have dedicated painting contractors for commercial painting alone that can run at very short time frames while still ensuring the highest quality of service or without sacrificing the quality of their painting service. 

Like you, Suncoast House Painters is a business that values time and investment, and the last thing we want is to make you a subpar quality paint job or delayed appointments which are certainly not what you paid for.

Interior Painting

Suncoast House Painters also offer interior home painting and all-around residential painting for homeowners who do not want to risk the quality of their house paint or simply do not have time to paint their walls. Our painting contractors or house painters can assist you every step of the way, from choosing the right brand and type of paint for every texture, preparing the walls, actual application for the cleanest most beautiful finish possible, up to cleaning up everything. By the time our house painters are done, you can rest assured that you will not be needing any refreshing or repainting anytime soon. 

Another reason why people hire interior house painters is when they are already unhappy with their current wall painting or if they just want to refresh the look of their homes. Our painting contractors here at Suncoast House Painters can happily assist you with this process as well, from scraping your walls clean and preparing them for a new layer of paint up to the clean-up process. 

Our home painters’ dedication to do the job right from the first to the last step is precisely what made our painting company one of the top-rated painting contractors here at Lehigh Acres, FL.

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In choosing a painting contractor to do your interior painting, exterior painting — may it be residential painting or commercial painting, it is important that you do your research and makes sure that the company you hire actually has trained and professional exterior home painters in their team. Otherwise, you risk paying professional fees for amateur paintwork that you could have done yourself. 

This is why you want to choose a company that is tried and tested by many homeowners and business owners in your area. This is what makes Suncoast House Painters the best option for your home and for your business. Here at Suncoast House Painters, our house painting and commercial painting contractors are not only properly trained, but they also have years of experience in the field which guarantees the quality work you are paying for. 

For inquiries, appointments, or consultations, do not hesitate to contact our team here at Suncoast House Painters. We would be very happy to attend to all your questions, give you an idea of cost and time frame, and find out which of our services fits your needs best.