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Sometimes, your house does not need any renovation to look new and modern. You may not realize this but sometimes, it just needs a new look! Give your property a new and fresh look with a new paint that stands out from the rest. Our expert contractors and specialist painters can give you just what you exactly need to make a new home without moving out or even purchasing a new one. With the latest house paint job application using the latest residential painting and commercial painting know-how, our local painters will surely get you overwhelmed by how good your home can look even without a major renovation.

Exterior painting is one of the most laborious tasks in any home painting job. Exterior home painters have to make sure that everything is well-balanced and well-thought-of before even starting the paint job. With most commercial painting contractors, the job may seem fast and upfront, but there are many details and technicalities that need to be considered first. Many of us would think that painting our house is an easy no-brainer job. We may think that hiring a painting contractor and asking exterior house painters to do the job might sound unnecessary. Most of the time, we cut our expenses by doing the job ourselves. The reason why such an approach is more costly than hiring a painting company is that companies like the Suncoast House Painters have the expertise, the knowledge, the skills, the labor, the tools, and the best suppliers for the best paint job for you.

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Why Hire Our Expert Exterior House Painters?

Thinking of doing the job yourself? The reason why Suncoast House Painters would not skip a beat telling you to let us do the job is that we value your time and your property more than any painting contractors out there. Painting a full house exterior is a no easy task. Depending on the size of your property, you may take three to four whole days if you have a decent knowledge of painting. If little to none at all, it may even take you a week including the post-painting job which is the cleaning. We know that in today’s very fast-paced lifestyle, we can hardly appreciate our meals. So much more, if we are to paint our house’s exterior. Who has time for it? Time is a valuable piece that we scarcely have nowadays. Letting the experts and the professional painters do what they are good at doing is not only wise but economical as well.

Knowledge, expertise, skills, and access to tools and excellent house painting materials are key to an outstanding exterior painting job. Specialty Housing Companies like Suncoast House Painters have access to all of these. Thus, making the job easier, faster, and efficient. Every job we take in allow us to exhibit our mastery in our field to which we have committed all our resources in to. Our painting contractors together with our professional painters have years of experience and numerous workshops are committed to their craft. We also take every job as our own, putting all our effort to improve the exterior of your home through the art and the science of exterior house painting.

The Superior Exterior Painting Services We Offer

Because painting is our specialty and because we have spent years honing our skills, improving every material we have, acquiring the best tools, and training the best exterior home painters and painting contractors, Suncoast House Painters is a one stop shop for your house painting needs. We have done all sorts of painting jobs including but not limited to home residential painting and commercial or office building painting. If you are not decided yet on the color schemes that you will use for your property, may it be a residential home or commercial building, we can also provide you with our portfolio to give you ideas and concepts that suit your taste and aesthetic preference.

Most of our clients had very limited access to ideas that can revolutionize the aesthetic of their properties. With Suncoast House Painters, you do not have to worry about it. Our exterior home painters can give you more than a painting job. We can help you with our consultants and our painting experts to decide on what is modern, vintage, classic, and contemporary, whichever you prefer.

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What Our House Painters Can Offer

Be one of our happy clients by letting Suncoast House Painters and our professional painters do the job for you. Ultimately, our goal is to give your house an extraordinary value through painting.

The most common misconception of property owners is that their properties’ value can only be increased by renovation, by adding details such as windows, brick pavements, vintage mailbox, landscapes, and gardening. Painting is underrated but you do not have to commit the same mistake as others did. Here are some benefits of hiring interior and exterior house painters at Suncoast House Painters:

Quality Products/ Materials

Our procurement team seeks only the best materials available in the market. We also partner with brands that align with our core values and principles. Through our rigorous sourcing and procurement system, we were able to maintain a robust inventory of materials with international standards and quality that actually equals the price.

Tailored Process

Our flexibility is one of our assets in any house paint jobs. We customize and we tailor every project that we have according to our client's preference and taste. With our expertise, we complement your design and style preference with our modern know-how and techniques in not only achieving the goal but actually transforming your idea into a masterpiece.

Competitive Pricing

we are aware that competition makes all players in the market better. That is why we take competition seriously and constructively to improve our organization. We offer competitive pricing and packages to ensure that your budget fits your design without even compromising the quality.


Our years of experience in the commercial painting industry give us integrity in this business. We pride ourselves on the most talented and skillful local painters who can deliver any painting services you may need.

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In choosing a painting contractor to do your interior painting, exterior painting — may it be residential painting or commercial painting, it is important that you do your research and makes sure that the company you hire actually has trained and professional exterior home painters in their team. Otherwise, you risk paying professional fees for amateur paintwork that you could have done yourself. 

For inquiries, appointments, or consultations, do not hesitate to contact our team here at Suncoast House Painters. We would be very happy to attend to all your questions, give you an idea of cost and time frame, and find out which of our services fits your needs best.