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Painting is one of the most underestimated parts of building or rebuilding a home. Most often than not, homeowners see the interior painting and exterior painting as tasks they can probably do on their own without professional help. There are, however, plenty of reasons why the professional home painting industry exists and why it is always worth it to hire a professional painting contractor to do it instead. 


First, house painting is extremely time consuming. Unpracticed or unskilled amateur house painters need a lot of time to paint their walls in an even and clean manner. Depending on the quality of paint you are using, it might even take multiple layers before one can achieve the desired color pay-off and finished texture you want. A lot of work goes into it, not to mention the clean-up that is necessary afterward. Hiring house painting contractors like Suncoast House Painters saves you from all of this hassle. This way, you get to sit back, relaxed, and see your walls once it is well painted and finished. 

Second, there are certain tools and painting techniques that are needed to achieve the best color pay-off and finish possible for every tub of paint. This is where painting contractors’ expertise and years of experience come in. When you hire house painters to do your interior painting and exterior painting, you are hiring them for their years of training and experience to do the job as wonderfully and as efficiently as possible. 

Lastly, for commercial buildings, establishments, or offices — hiring a painting contractor is really your best option. Try to hire a painting contractor or company that has the manpower capacity to specifically accommodate commercial painting or office painting jobs. This ensures that they can do the job as fast as possible without compromising the quality of paintwork. 

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Here at Suncoast House Painters, we understand the art and science that goes into painting homes and establishments. Achieving the most aesthetically pleasing interior wall painting requires a lot of science: from the right mixture of paint, preparing the walls as a canvas, and knowing the number of layers needed to achieve the color without layering too much that may lead to premature chipping. The general temperature or weather in every area needs to be considered, too. You would be surprised by the number of options, types, and kinds of paints there are in the market. It is important that you have a painting contractor like our team here at Suncoast House Painters that can assist you throughout this process. 

Here at Suncoast House Painters, our painting contractors are true professional painters. They are rigorously trained and are truly experienced to take on every painting job — may it be residential painting or commercial painting. This is because the last thing you want is to hire an amateur, inexperienced commercial painting contractor or exterior house painters. Since you are paying for the professional quality of work, make sure you are getting what you paid for by hiring a trusted painting contractor or company like Suncoast House Painters. 

Our Painting Services

Suncoast House Painters services to both residential painting, commercial painting, and office painting needs. Our local painters within the team are skilled and experienced to do both interior and exterior painting so you would not have to worry about hiring two separate contractors for the insides and outsides of your home. This allows you to save more money and considerably more time efficient. 

Here at Suncoast House Painters, we pride ourselves on specializing in exterior paint or exterior painting. Our exterior home painters are trained to select the right types of paint that can give additional protection for your walls from water damage, insect damage, rusting, even molding. Our exterior painting contractors are also equipped with the needed tools and equipment to really get into the nook and crannies of every home’s exteriors. This makes sure that we are not missing any spots and that your walls look both from a distance and up close. 

Not all painting contractors and companies can cater to large-scale painting projects. This is because most commercial painting projects really do require a larger manpower as well as bigger equipment and tools. If you hire a residential-scale painting contractor to do the work, it might end up taking longer than it should due to their limited capacity. This is an absolute ‘don’t’ for many businesses as this can easily lead to losses within the company’s sales and productivity. Instead, hire a company like Suncoast House Painters that can specifically cater to commercial scale painting requirements. 

Suncoast House Painters also do interior painting for homeowners who do not want to risk the quality of their wall paint by a do-it-yourself project and for homeowners who just do not have the time and would rather invest in professional painting contractors to do the job. Whether it is for your whole house, just a section of your home, even for just one specific wall — our interior house painters at Suncoast House Painters can help you throughout the process, from preparing the walls to cleaning up. 

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